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2022 Summer Newsletter

2022 Spring Newsletter

2021 Winter Newsletter

2021 Interim Newsletter

I hope this interim newsletter arrives finding you as well

Spring 2021 Newsletter

I hope you had a comfortable Christmas and New Year

Winter 2020 Newsletter

As 2020 draws to an end, none of us will be sorry to see the back of it.

Tax Year End 2020 Newsletter

To all those who have yet to receive communications from us this
year, may I start by wishing you all a belated Happy New Year!

Winter 2019 Newsletter

With investment markets however, it will be good to have 2020 vision!

Summer 2019 Newsletter

Interest rates in the UK remain at 0.75% and are poised to react to forthcoming changes in terms of both global growth and Brexit

Spring 2019 Newsletter

We have seen a partial rally since the turn of the year and it is long overdue. This is global really but the UK was hit harder so there have been some disproportionate improvements too. I am not going to comment on the political shenanigans here but needless to say it is confused and messy. All, again, I’d repeat is to remind you that the world is not going to stop on 29 March so with that in mind, invest with great value in hand and almost regardless of the outcomes.

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