Our Mission Statement

Since our foundation in 1985 we have always endeavoured to go the extra mile to help clients and their families to the best of our abilities. We are commended for listening to our clients’ needs and recognise that we are in a position of great trust especially as clients rely heavily upon us, confiding their personal circumstances and finances to us so that we can do the very best job in advising them. We never take that responsibility lightly. Our work may involve drawing upon our extensive experience and qualifications about complex financial arrangements or for others it may involve simply reassuring a client they are on the right path or steering them away from dangerous choices.

Our commitment to looking after clients in a totally professional but compassionate way as well as delivering peace of mind to them is the main reason we have expanded our services over the years. Clients can enjoy the convenience of having many of their affairs managed under our roof, as well as confidence and trust that the experienced staff undertaking their work really do care about them.

We meet clients and their families to help them plan their present and future financial and investment requirements. This may involve someone starting their career and beginning their financial journey (buying a home and planning their short and longer term finances, for example), through to someone who is retiring and planning for life after work, ensuring their capital works as hard for them as they have for it, or providing for future generations. We manage clients’ longer-term funds through our diverse and staunchly independent investment strategies which are not tied to any single company or product as is so often the case. We provide constant oversight over these funds, safe in the comfort that our main investment manager and founder is one of the longest in tenure responsible for the same funds in the whole industry.

We can complete clients’ tax returns and their accounts and manage all their dealings with the Taxman (advising them on tax planning opportunities to mitigate their liabilities too). We can write their Wills to ensure their wishes are followed upon their death and that their loved ones are well provided for (again imparting financial and tax advice). We provide efficient, competent and cost effective executorship services, helping family and friends secure Probate and resolve an estate following the death of a loved one (where financial and tax planning input is again offered). Rather than dealing with many organisations for these needs, clients can save time and usually money too by allowing us to guide them comprehensively. Often we go well beyond the call of duty as might be expected of a ‘mere’ financial adviser in assisting with a client. With our wealth of personal, client and business experience in myriad fields, this means doing what we believe is the right thing in the circumstances and providing guidance in an impartial, clear and unpatronising way. We are often commended for our straightforward and honest approach in our work with clients.

We are incredibly proud of the work we have undertaken and the relationships we have formed with such a range of our clients and their families, many of whom are now friends. Our guidance can commence ‘before the cradle and beyond the grave’ and may span generations by way of family Trusts and children and grandchildren often become clients themselves. As a firm, we guarantee that we shall continue to advise you to best meet your requirements. Coupled with this, we have ensured that constantly we satisfy the highest level of regulatory protections with the FCA for our clients and the security they would expect when dealing with one of the leading and largest independent firms in the West Country and with an enviable pedigree and reputation for integrity behind it. Hopefully, our longevity is testament to those efforts and clients’ knowledge that we shall always be accessible with trustworthy, honest and experienced advice with their best interests at heart and not anyone else’s. This is matched by a promise and guarantee of our best endeavours in all respects and at all times, coupled with our mantra that we are always learning and evolving and however well we might do something today, we can always strive to do it better in all senses tomorrow.