Trust & Estate Planning

Trusts and Estates are an area of potentially complex financial planning but not always. Essentially, a Trust arises when someone who is legally responsible for wealth or an asset is not the same as the person/people that is to receive the benefit of it. Sometimes, people prepare a Will and don’t even know they have created or will create a Trust. Does your Will leave something to a child under eighteen for example, or might it do so if one of your named beneficiaries dies and you have said their share should go to their children instead? That is one of the most commonly encountered Trusts but there is a whole raft of situations where Trusts can or should be considered as the best solution for a given set of financial planning needs whether this is a Will Trust or a Trust established in life.

  • Perhaps you have a vulnerable friend or family member that you want to look after financially but feel someone else needs to look after the funds for them when you are no longer able to.
  • Perhaps you think leaving too much money to someone in one go could do them more harm than good?
  • Perhaps you have a Trust for Inheritance Tax planning reasons built into your Will and are unaware that the rules around the need for these has since changed (and the Trust may no longer be needed and your will may be able to be greatly simplified).


Whether you are having to administer an estate and are unsure about what to do in connection with a Trust that needs to be established or if you are thinking of establishing a Trust yourself either in your Will or perhaps during your lifetime we shall be happy to guide you on the options.

Please note that Will Planning is not a service that is regulated by the FCA but advising Trustees on appropriate investment solutions for Trusts or related financial advice is an FCA regulated activity.