Claims Management

Philip J Milton & Company Plc has the capacity to assist you in raising a complaint against missselling of financial products and potentially other areas of financial claims you may have. However, if upon initial review we believe that all you need to do is lodge a complaint with one of the free Ombudsmen services, rest assured, that is what we shall advise you to do. It is only if you need our care and guidance shall we then consider offering our chargeable services to you to assist. Our charges are set out in our ‘Complaint fee agreement‘. Before we can assist you, you would need to sign and return this fee agreement. If you do not receive a response within eight weeks or are not happy with the response, you can take your complaint straight to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS). You are able to do this yourself if you wish and the FOS will offer assistance free of charge, or organisations like the Citizens Advice Bureau and the Pensions Advisory Service and there is website guidance too. It is important you contact the FOS within six months of receiving your final response letter, or the FOS is unlikely to be able to deal with you.

Upon your acceptance of our terms, assisting with your complaint will then entail a three step process as follows;

After a meeting to discuss your case and an initial review of any supporting documentation you may have, if we consider you do not have a complaint we shall advise you and invite you to cancel the instruction to us or to refer your complaint without our further involvement. We shall then waive any charges if you cancel our instruction.

If the initial review highlights that there are reasonable grounds for there to be a case to be answered, we shall assist in raising the complaint against the Firm that sold the contract to you, checking your letter or assisting you with preparing it to ensure the wording is appropriate. The Firm you complain against will then be obliged to review its records and respond promptly to acknowledge your complaint and to provide a final decision within eight weeks. If the response is unacceptable to you or not received within that timescale, the next step can be followed.

Complaining to the Financial Ombudsman Service (if the Firm does not uphold your complaint and you consider the argument of the Firm to be unfair or unreasonable). It will then undertake a full investigation and an Adjudicator will confirm their view. If you or the Firm are not happy with the findings, a request can be made by either side for an Ombudsman to review the case. According to the type of issue involved, another Ombudsman may be the right one for you but we shall guide you.

If an Ombudsman rules on the case, you will be invited to accept or reject the ruling. If you accept it, the Firm against which you have complained will be bound by the decision and required to pay any redress that may be directed. If you do not accept the Ombudsman’s decision, neither you or the Firm are bound by the ruling and you retain the right to refer the matter to Court instead.

Even engaging our assistance could result in your complaint failing to succeed and in this case, as you do not incur costs for complaining to the Advice Firm or FOS subsequently, you are not at risk of financial loss aside from the costs for the provision of our assistance which will remain payable from the point of engagement of our services until the point you decide to cease your claim.

If you feel dissatisfied with our assistance, you may raise a complaint against us for consideration. Details of the relevant procedure will be supplied upon request or can be found here.

Contract Cancellation Rights

You are entitled to cancel the review contract within fourteen days of signing it and at no cost to you whatsoever. After this period, cancellation of the contract must be in writing and all charges incurred by the Firm to the point of receiving the signed cancellation instruction will be payable at that point and our invoice raised accordingly.

Philip J Milton & Company Plc is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in respect of regulated claims management activities and its registration is recorded on the website