Claims Management

Helping You Seek Compensation for The Mis-Selling of Financial Products or Advice

We are regulated to help you seek compensation for wrong financial advice or mis-sold financial products, whoever has guided you.  More often than we should like, we come across new clients who have been mis-sold financial advice or products, resulting in situations leading them to suffer inappropriate losses.  Sometimes these can be because of fraudulent activity too.

If you have a problem, we can undertake an initial review with you and if all you need to do is lodge an initial complaint, then we can guide you on that for free or you can engage us professionally to manage that with you.

If then you are unhappy with the reply to your complaint, for free you can go straight to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) within six months.

However, we are happy to help you professionally at any stage and shall ask you to complete a Compensation Claims fee agreement.

We check all the details and documentation.  If we think you do not have a complaint, we shall say so and there is no fee.

If we see grounds to complain, we shall manage that with you. The offending firm must reply within eight weeks and if a satisfactory response is not received, we go to the Financial Ombudsman Service. If then we are not happy with its review, we can ask an Ombudsman to intervene. According to the type of claim, we may need to approach another Ombudsman Service.

The firm must accept the Ombudsman’s decision.

Sometimes the company against which the complaint applies has gone bust in which case we shall approach the Compensation Scheme for you.

We do offer the option of a wholly free service too, with any fee only upon a successful outcome.