Sandra Bright

About Sandra
Having grown up locally Sandra has not wandered too far and is currently living in Bideford.

Current role: Head of Taxation, Accountancy, Probate and Trusts Department

Money Laundering Reporting Officer’s Manager

Working alongside Mr Milton, she has had primary reporting duty under the regulations (with the MLRO’s sign-off of course) and has overseen and reported many suspicious ML activities to the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA), which is now the National Crime Agency (NCA) and HM Revenue & Customs as appropriate as brought to our attention by staff under our reporting protocols or via our inhouse administration systems.

Since 2004 she has had the responsibility of updating the Firm’s ML procedures and ensuring that all staff, new and old, are trained appropriately and tested regularly on the ML Regulations and fully understand their duties in relation to understanding a client’s usual behaviour and that they are obligated to report any suspicion, however small and to understand the ever tightening and changing regulations.

Anti-Money Laundering is something which the Firm takes seriously. Sandra continues to check regulations for updates, using the FCA and JMLSG reference material regularly and updating staff with anything that has been introduced that may affect our day to day working arrangements. Other senior management also review and relay any new guidance or rule interpretation etc according to latest trends or concerns.

Finance and Accounting Manager

Upon the departure of the head of the tax department in 2007, Sandra stepped into the role. With her previous background of working in accounts, completing and filing tax returns and bookkeeping, this was a natural progression and has ensured that she has kept up to date with tax regulation, under the guidance, support and technical direction of the qualified staff within the Firm. This has also included the FSA/FCA Gabriel and CASS reporting and full annual liaison with the Audit Team and indeed any accounting obligations and requirements throughout the year.

We have a team of accountants within the Firm who she oversees and they are available to offer support and assistance as required with the accounting structure of the Firm and book keeping assistance. This is in addition to the Board of Directors which are also available to offer support should it be required. The Company’s accounting team complete accountancy services to Plc level for myriad clients, albeit mainly Self-Assessment in view of the Firm’s overall specialisms.

In addition to taking on this role, She has been completing the Firm’s accounts and dealing with the auditor each year in relation to the Audit of the Accounts and the intensive information obligation this requires. This includes all Client cash accounting. It includes all matters brought to our attention by staff under our reporting protocols, CASS and Claims Management, whilst it was under the regulation of the MOJ. This director-level oversight includes ensuring that all information is prepared in an acceptable format and in a timely fashion to ensure all works are completed in due time for submission to the various institutions. She is the main point of contact for the Auditors and has primary responsibility for the Firm’s banking arrangements including Client cash and the Firm’s own banking and investments and present updates and reconciliation to the Managing Director and reports to the Board.

Sandra also reviews the Firm’s capital adequacy requirements on a regular basis and report the outcomes to the Board and in liaison with it, as necessary, make any recommendations for amendments based on unquantifiable liabilities, if any.

Sandra has worked for Philip J Milton & Company Plc since October 2002.

Having joined the firm as a receptionist, Sandra swiftly progressed to becoming PA to the Managing Director in January 2003. With this role she took on numerous activities to assist the MD. This included helping him complete his role as the Money Laundering Reporting Officer, accounting work and regulatory filing and correspondence with the FSA (now the FCA) amongst many other duties required of a senior PA and authorised co-director.

STEP – Foundation Certificate England & Wales Trusts & Estates
STEP – Diploma in Estates & Trusts (England & Wales) Administration of Estates
FP1 – UK financial Services, Regulations and Ethics

Previous professional experience

Sandra has many years’ experience within the office environment having worked in various roles whilst bringing up her children; including book keeping, accountancy, secretarial and marketing.