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    It is estimated that 65% of the UK population does not have a valid Will. For those, the law decides how your Estate is distributed under “Rules of Intestacy” meaning that your assets are unlikely to be distributed as you wish upon your death, not even recognising an unmarried partner, for example. Do not delay making a Will! (This service is not regulated by the FCA.)


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Tax Year End Priorities!

19 March 2018

5 April each year tends to provoke a degree of panic with certain investors who suddenly remember that time is running out to take out an ISA for the year and pay money into a pension! For others and as we advise, the preferred time to be doing this is the beginning of the tax year, not the end! That way you will avoid the unnecessary stress (and when financial firms are at their busiest) and also enjoy the tax benefits for the entire year, alongside any tax-free returns. There are also several other measures you can consider in advance of the tax year end, which may or may not appeal, depending upon your individual circumstances. For example:

• Invest in a Junior ISA (and even a pension) for children
• Use your generous Personal Allowance of £11,500 to the full (£11,850 next tax year)
• Make use of the Marriage Allowance
• Use your annual gifting allowance of up to £3,000 each
• Limited Companies can consider employer pension contributions
• ISA investing*
• Pension investing#

*Every UK resident adult has an annual ISA allowance. During each of 2017/18 and 2018/19 you may subscribe up to £20,000 towards ISAs tax-free. These may be Stocks and Shares ISAs, Cash ISAs or a combination of the two in whatever proportions you wish. So that’s a generous £40,000 per person and £80,000 for a couple!

#Each UK resident, whether or not any income is earned, can contribute £2,880 into a Pension and receive £720 in the pension from HMRC. Employees can contribute up to their salary with a maximum of £40,000 gross per year (and the option to increase this up to £160,000 in total if the allowance has not been used in the past). Employers can also contribute to a pension on behalf of their employees which is tax deductible for Corporation Tax.

If you have not yet made use of your available tax allowances and wish to do so before it is too late, please contact our office and speak to one of our highly qualified Advisers who will be able to advise you further.

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GOLD So London stores £250trillion of the world’s gold in its vaults – 596,000 bars and weighing 7,500 tonnes. This is all owned by different entities and as one sells some and another buys some, the label on the front changes. Even some of our clients hold some of this as we have a little gold as a safe asset within client Portfolios – the currency of last resort. The Bank of England looks after 5,100 tonnes of this total. It is estimated that around the world, above the ground there are 187,100 tonnes of gold though this does include jewellery, personal stores and coins as well. Around £14billion of gold is traded every day. In silver, the figures stored are much smaller – 32,000 tonnes stored in London worth £14.5billion.


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Risk Warning - Stockmarket investments can offer income through the payment of dividends and interest and good opportunities for capital appreciation over the longer term. By this, generally we mean periods in excess of five years, preferably much longer. However, we can never promise you particular returns, especially in the short-term. At any point in time but especially in the short term, your capital could be worth less than the original amount invested as some of the selected holdings may fall in value, regardless of expectations at the time of acquisition. We may also invest in funds that hold overseas securities. The value of these investments may increase or decrease as a result of changes in currency exchange rates. Returns achieved in the past cannot be relied upon to be repeated.

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