Resolve to a Financial Review

Resolve to a Financial Review

As the memories of 2019 fade into the distance, our thoughts turn to what is to come in 2020. The markets have been volatile over the past couple of years as a result of the Brexit uncertainty (which is the nature of stock market linked investments). It is not all doom and gloom however and the recent election result has seen some recovery in the markets. We anticipate further recovery throughout the subsequent years once a deal is in place to leave the EU and consider there will be more stability longer term.

As the season of New Year’s resolutions hits, perhaps now is a good time to ensure you have full knowledge of your finances, contacting your pension and ISA providers to see if any old policies you may have are still active and if so, the current value.  One useful tool to locate old pensions is the Government’s website which can help track down old pension schemes and provide you with necessary contact information. If this sounds of interest then please do feel free to use the below link:

Once you have full knowledge of your current finances, the next step is to ensure that they are positioned appropriately to meet your goals. What may have been the right choice some years ago may not be the same now, as your attitude to exposing how much of your investment to risk may increase or decrease or the legislation changes potentially meaning that something more appropriate is available to you.

How we can help?

At Philip J Milton & Company Plc we can advise on all aspects of your finances and help you to achieve your financial goals for the New Year and the longer term. If you would like a professional input into your finances from one of our highly qualified advisors then please do contact the office to arrange a mutually convenient no obligation appointment.