Exciting News!

Exciting News!

We are delighted to announce the appointment of our team of Client Support Managers! We are looking always for how we can improve what we do to help service our clients’ needs and those of the Business. It is with this in mind that we have created a team of CSMs which is empowered directly to assist the advisers and directors of the Firm, as well as manage and handle many of the standard client enquiries, helping to smooth processes and enhance overall efficiency in attending to clients’ needs. 

Personally, I am very excited as to how I envisage these roles developing and with a core remit of providing high quality and timely customer service, so please expect in the future to hear from them when you raise certain queries and I want to assure you that you can absolutely trust in their competence too!

It is with this in mind and with a disturbing general employment backdrop ‘out there’ that we are keen to appoint one or two new additions to this team, practical considerations allowing of course. Do have a look at our Careers’ page on:- https://www.miltonpj.net/career-opportunities/ – we should be enthusiastic to review some suitable CVs!

As the Firm grows and the numbers of clients with it, clearly to help the advisers more competently manage their responsibilities (and to help keep them on their toes!), the more work which can be undertaken efficiently by the team means the more time, attention and energy which can be directed to clients’ real underlying needs. It is great to know that the training which the new CSMs have enjoyed after many years’ experience with us can be utilised in this way and indeed developed further over time. I welcome the Team and wish them the very best in their new roles!

Investment Lodges

I am afraid these companies are still hard at it. It worries us greatly and there is no regulation of what is going-on and no one seems bothered to do anything about the sector too. It’s great ‘business’ if that’s what it is called as the makers and sellers of these things are raking-in millions of easy money selling ‘dreams’ and often as ‘investments’. We were asked to review a proportionate ownership set-up last week – the clients were going to use their pension to buy a 25th share in a cabin – which would have cost something like £750,000 for all of the participants… and ‘guaranteed rental’ assured etc and they’d have one high season week and one low season… aaargh! Please be careful – very, very careful.