Are your finances a muddle?

Do you struggle to make sense of your finances with various investments scattered around different providers? Administration can be a nightmare which is often the only excuse we need to ignore them and shove updates into the drawer to gather dust! This can involve a whole host of arrangements, including shares, investment ISAs and Portfolios, Bonds and pensions. Then there are savings accounts to keep track of, all paying next to nothing in interest. It is probable that each of these arrangements will have their own password for security purposes, which also adds another problem in remembering them all!

Of course, there are some that maintain a detailed spreadsheet with all of the latest valuations but the majority simply do not have the time nor inclination to keep such records. I suspect too that such investments will often remain as they are for long periods whereas periodic reviews (even if no changes result) would be preferable to ensure that what you have is still appropriate for you, not only in terms of offering best value but also suitability in line with your objectives and feelings towards risk. There is also your ability to tolerate financially any valuation fluctuations to consider.

In the most extreme circumstances, investments can be forgotten about altogether and details only emerge much later, sometimes after the owner’s death. Rather than continuing to live with these nagging doubts, it might be time for you to do something about it.

At Philip J Milton & Company Plc we offer a discretionary investment management service which allows us to manage investment accounts for you and buy a wide range of assets without restriction. Our remit is to use our best judgement to determine what will deliver the optimum results for you, whether that’s income, capital growth or a combination of the two. A single account (with one account number) can hold a stocks and shares’ ISA, a pension and/or a portfolio of stocks and shares. Existing ISAs, pensions and shares that you hold privately can be transferred over to us and we’ll take care of all of the paperwork for you. This means that you can consolidate all of those investments into one account and under one roof which simplifies your ongoing administration needs massively. We have been operating for over thirty-five years now and have had the pleasure of looking after many thousands of clients and many millions of pounds of investments. Many of those clients also take advantage of our other services, including tax and accountancy, Will writing, Probate and executorship, again, all under the one roof. We are also happy to speak with you without charge and obligation so feel free to contact our office to discuss how we might be able to help you.