Pension for non-taxpayers and those not working!

We complete a significant amount of pension contributions to our dynamic investment management systems for those under the age of seventy-five who still qualify for a very special opportunity. You can be retired, drawing your pension, not working but you can still qualify! Yes, we do have a few quizzical looks from clients aged say seventy who had no idea they can do this but it’s a brilliant idea and very good returns with a special boost of 25% that is better than any other investments! Even with no earnings, you can contribute £2,880 and the Taxman will add a further £720 to your personal pension!

You can then leave the money invested and growing free of all tax either till you want it or the income or even upon your respective demise if wished, at which point it can pass-down the generations free of Inheritance Tax too!

Why do I make this rather radical suggestion, especially for the over 55 year-olds (and those approaching that age)? Because these days such pensions are not simply ‘pots to generate an income in retirement’. For the over 55 years-olds, they are investment pots, fully accessible to them – on the basis of a 25% tax-free lump-sum and the rest (should you need it) subject to Income Tax at your marginal rate (or no tax if you don’t pay it). Infact why keep surplus emergency funds at the Bank earning nothing when you can bolster them by 25% and know that if you needed them at any time, they are accessible to you easily! A ‘Pension’ is simply a wrapper these days, inside which you can put whatever you want, including ‘cash’. Of course, it is best for the funds to be properly invested to earn a suitable return but that is the principle! If this is ‘you’, we can send you the necessary forms to consider that and give you all the details you need to make that decision. Sadly for new clients if this is all you want to do it is not economic for you to pay for thorough regulated advice on the matter however, as the work involved on a single transaction is disproportionate to the value but if you know what you need, we can take your investment and process your application without a single penny of cost to you – how’s that (it takes us years to recoup our costs but we’re happy to make a sensible-term investment in you if you do the same with us!)? We are happy to give you generic guidance – like this! Just drop us an email.

Parents and grandparents are also doing this with us, for children and even babies as another great way of passing capital down the generations – a very long-term investment for them but what a great start in life too!