Happy New Year!

Well, it is time to wish you all a very happy New Year, despite the backdrop of Omicron, its effects and the strange times we have all endured these last two years. We must do our best to look forward and to see with optimism what it might bring, temporarily filing in the bin all the gloom and despondency which all the media loves to throw at us.

I think sometimes in our Firm we make this job too difficult. Now look, we manage clients’ money for them. We are staunchly independent and are not restricted to any ‘product range’. We can buy investments that you can’t, hold them in ways that are not available to you and we can spread the risks so widely that you can’t hope to replicate the protection we can build from such a diversified portfolio, whilst at the same time not limiting the opportunity for great returns (and far superior to doing ‘nothing’ or simply leaving your money stagnating in some ‘fund’ you happened to have been sold for a commission years ago). We don’t care what something is ‘called’ and don’t worry about how well known the manager may be because that doesn’t matter to us when we complete our ‘due diligence’ on every choice we take, so you, the client, don’t have to worry about that.

We are probably the very best value manager and financial adviser on the whole market especially for what we offer and how we can do ‘it’. We aren’t the cheapest by the headline but we certainly aren’t dear at all and you can subscribe money to our staunchly independent systems without a penny of subscription costs (up to 6% is charged elsewhere, eg St James’s Place) and our management fees are not unreasonable especially for the fantastic quality of what we can do. You’re already paying fees somewhere else but you won’t be receiving anything like the same degree of care and attention. Isn’t it time, if you are not a client, to let us show you what we can do and perhaps even send us some money to manage for you? You can even tidy-up all those dribbles of odd money in pensions or ad hoc shares and unitised holdings and ISAs elsewhere if you wish. There are not even any advisory fees if you do that ‘Instruction Only’ and even if it might take years for our fees to cover the costs we incur in processing your investments, that’s our choice! You can start with as little as £1,000 in an ISA (or £50pm), similarly small sums in Pensions and £10,000 in a Portfolio but clearly the bigger the sums then the wider the range of investment components we can buy and we’d like you to enjoy the best possible spread after all! Just ask and we’ll send you details and application forms (or they are on the website).