Political Volatility

There is a huge amount of uncertainty in British politics at present, largely caused by the issue of Brexit and the uncertainty to find a way forward from here. Although the results from the European elections will not impact UK parliament, the results could influence how MPs react and choose to vote on further options presented.

The Conservative leadership election should conclude by the end of July, leaving little time for May’s successor to renegotiate with Europe before the extension date of 31 October 2019. Markets are watching matters closely and are likely to continue to be volatile over the short to medium term until some clarity and certainty is secured on our future relationship with the European Union. It is very difficult to see investments being undervalued because of external influences but, for any long term investor, the short term fluctuations need to be seen and considered in context of the bigger picture.

How can we help?

At Philip J Milton & Company Plc, we monitor markets on a day to day basis and make changes to holdings within client accounts as and when we see appropriate. We have the ability to react to market changes instantly should we wish and also can occasionally offer access to holdings at better terms than the quoted market price due to our size and reputation within the industry. We also have the ability to stand firm to our convictions when the markets are turbulent and can protect our clients from themselves to an extent. Additionally, having someone to talk about your ideas or financial concerns with can be invaluable.

If you feel that your funds would benefit from more active oversight or you would like more assistance managing your finances, please do contact the office to arrange an appointment with one of our highly qualified advisers to see how we can help you further. The initial meeting is offered at our cost.