Huge Boost For Local Wealth Manager

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Huge Boost For Local Wealth Manager!

Leading North Devon Wealth Manager and Independent Financial Advisory Firm Philip J Milton & Company Plc is delighted to have been appointed to be responsible for managing a further £55Million on behalf of over 1,600 new individual investors. This follows the suspension of the previous London-based investment manager by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in early December.  Whilst the Firm was not looking specifically at this stage to increase its responsibilities in this direction, it was contacted in view of its connections, stability, trust and reputation over the thirty-three years of the Firm’s existence.

Managing Director Mr Philip Milton commented “Earlier in the year we achieved a record £150Million under our discretionary management, (where clients entrust us with the daily decisions for the management of their capital with us). This is something of which we were immensely proud, albeit BREXIT related volatility has made this task challenging to discharge but perhaps one of the most important to undertake for our clients who need guidance and help. So, this addition will take total funds under our management to over £200Million, which is a wonderful achievement. This is also an incredibly positive endorsement of our services in that the decision of the funds’ trustees and administrators to appoint us reflects the Firm’s prowess, competence and capabilities, as well as our integrity and longevity.”

“At this juncture we shall only be managing the extra, segregated funds with no responsibility to advise the individuals involved on their personal financial planning. Our sophisticated investment and administration systems, created for our own unique requirements, are perfectly structured to accept the new money and assets without significant disruption to staff, clients nor the Firm’s underlying investment strategies, which will continue unaffected. This really is wonderful news for the Firm. Our existing discretionary investment clients will also benefit as this gives us improved economies of scale and new investment opportunities for further possible diversity and support to existing holdings. Hopefully in due course cost savings will be possible too when it comes to the actual management and administration within our wide range of discretionary investment strategies. We shall also be viewed as a bigger “player” in the market at large, giving us the opportunity of being propelled into a new level of operation.”

“Thinking further ahead, it gives us a great opportunity to choose to expand our range of services and our team of staff (already thirty strong), thereby providing an invaluable boost to the local North Devon economy. It seems a very long time ago now that I started the business in 1985 from the front room of my parents’ house! As a Firm, we are incredibly proud of what we have achieved and do for our many very valued clients and look forward to continuing in a similar vein for many years to come.  It is great too to demonstrate again that here in North Devon we have the gravitas to attract such confidence from elsewhere in the Country to result in this appointment though I assure our existing clients that their needs will always be prioritised.”


Stock market investments can offer income through the payment of dividends and interest and good opportunities for capital appreciation over the longer term. By this, generally we mean periods in excess of five years, preferably much longer. However, we can never promise you particular returns, especially in the short-term. At any point in time but especially in the short term, your capital could be worth less than the original amount invested as some of the selected holdings may fall in value, regardless of expectations at the time of acquisition. We may also invest in funds that hold overseas securities. The value of these investments may increase or decrease as a result of changes in currency exchange rates. Returns achieved in the past cannot be relied upon to be repeated.

To remind you, why do I send out occasional emails? Because everyone can save money. We have no connection with any companies mentioned and you have to make your own contacts and satisfy your own enquiries. What is in it for us? If we can prove that we are knowledgeable and that our service and advice have good value, then you might contact us for professional financial planning and investment help. You don’t have to do that though and there’s no charge for emails. If simply they save you money, then accept them with our compliments! However, you’ll know where we are!

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Do not forget however the usual caveats – this is not ‘advice’ and you are encouraged to seek that before embarking upon any financial route involving investments, etc.

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Philip J Milton DipFS CFPCM Chartered MCSI FPFS FCIB

Chartered Wealth Manager

Fellow Of The Personal Finance Society, Fellow Of The Chartered Institute Of Bankers