North Devon business boosts local charity

A small North Devon charity, Flying Fish Artists that supports people who have experienced mental health issues by using art as a means of therapy, has received a much welcome funding boost from a local business. A grant of £2,100 was awarded from The Philip J Milton & Company Plc Fund, a philanthropic fund administered by Devon Community Foundation.

From their peaceful yet centrally located studio in Rock Park Lodge, Flying Fish enables members to come together to share experiences of their personal mental health challenges, supporting each other whilst using art as a creative and therapeutic means of recovery.

The funding will enable Flying Fish to develop members’ art skills through workshops, field trips, supplying art materials and being able to provide safe storage for members’ artwork.

Philip Milton, Managing Director at North Devon’s leading wealth management firm, Philip J Milton & Co Plc who was born only a short distance from the Lodge said: “It was lovely to meet the trustees and indeed some of the group! We can see how invaluable the concept of art can prove to be for the recovery of the members, their therapy and ongoing improvement and amazing how the artistic skills have also evolved. I am sure some of them never knew they had it in them! We love to support small groups where there is a real commitment by volunteers to the concept as well and so often, relatively small sums can make such a significant difference to their operations.”

We are pleased to work with Devon Community Foundation (DCF). It provides an efficient route to funding small local groups and charities, often the ones providing the most vital of help in our communities but who get the least share of charitable donations. Our own fund has granted £6,465 to North Devon organisations already since it was created, it all helps add-up to the £12.8million which DCF has distributed, on behalf of their donors, to over 4,000 projects across Devon since 1996.

Separately, we are very excited to announce that we have now completed the onerous registration process for the Philip J Milton & Company Plc Charitable Foundation, our own charity which will act both as a conduit for donations but will also look to gift additional funds to local good causes and enquiries are welcomed.”

On behalf of Philip J Milton & Company Plc

For further information or photo, please contact 01271 344300 – Email

Mr Philip Milton

Managing Director