Global Income

According to a report by Janus Henderson, global dividends for companies broached the highest ever level last year at £1.1trillion, up 8.5% on the previous year. We welcome this. What we think the global investment industry must do however, is much more to dispel the perceived fear of capital risk to investors without acknowledging the benefits of having at least some of your money in shares and which do produce income.

Job Opening

Philip’s Comments

Well there is a job based at Trimstone about to become available! It is to work for me in the role as Senior Administration Assistant to the Managing Director at Philip J Milton & Company Plc. More details can be available but you will have to be efficient, dynamic and capable and able to work on your own initiative for much of the time and with a vast array of different tasks which will be added over time. The opportunity for the right person is excellent. Some knowledge of the hospitality trade is likely to be helpful too! Please send a CV and salary expectation by email!


Philip’s Comments

Well, what can be said? Rather than a Santa rally, the markets have been torrid and Wall Street will have threatened to have had the worst December since 1931, the great crash heralding the Depression. Within the month, it fell by significant daily amounts as well as rallying on one of the lowest volume trading days of the year too to rise by the most points ever seen on one day. This volatility is not especially helpful, it has to be said, as it confuses investors in terms of the difference between short-term speculation and risk-taking and long-term investment in real assets.

Huge Boost For Local Wealth Manager

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Leading North Devon Wealth Manager and Independent Financial Advisory Firm Philip J Milton & Company Plc is delighted to have been appointed to be responsible for managing a further £55Million on behalf of over 1,600 new individual investors. This follows the suspension of the previous London-based investment manager by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in early December. Whilst the Firm was not looking specifically at this stage to increase its responsibilities in this direction, it was contacted in view of its connections, stability, trust and reputation over the thirty-three years of the Firm’s existence.

London Property

Philip’s Comments

Still, this may cheer you all little. An interesting article in the Remain-focused Financial Times on 6 December noted that a strong focus on office space was confounding the pessimists. It refers to the old BT HQ where the incumbent buyer will have very significant costs of refurbishment to find when the present occupant vacates in the next three years. Priced at £200million, there were more than ten bidders with several well over the asking price and many from overseas’ climes and those looking through the short-term uncertainties from ‘Brexit’.